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The history of Ischia is very old and dates back to the Greek colonization already present in the VII-VI century B.C. Even in Roman times, however, Ischia was part of the heritage of the Roman Empire until the year 29 B.C. when the Emperor Augustus chose to transfer it to the city of Naples. In that time, also, the island of Ischia, Capri  (that thanks to the Emperor Tiberius became the imperial residence) and places on the mainland as Pozzuoli and Baia represented even then the goals of living and thermal treatment of the Roman nobility! With the decline of the Roman civilization, the myth of the island flegrea vanished and his fate will then be linked to the events of the Kingdom of Naples ... In Greek times, the island was called "Pithecusa" or monkey island in what was said to be inhabited by Cercopi, mythical inhabitants of volcanic lands ... In Roman times, the name used to indicate our island was "Aenaria", which probably will result from the ionic term of Ainos "terrifying" and therefore always evoking the volcanic nature. The current name of Ischia has bornt only in the Middle Ages from the Semitic expression of "I-Schra", which meant "black island". From these brief references, can be seen as the history and destiny of the island are undoubtedly related to volcanism. It is said that the island was a huge volcano connected to the Gulf of Naples just called "the Phlegraean" (of fire). The Volcanism is evident today in the presence of 103 thermal springs and hypo (depending on temperature) from which flow curative waters that are the basis of successful tour of Ischia (so much to talk about so-called "health tourism"). Returning to the island's history, from the myth of the imperial age of Rome to the Middle Ages Ischia was characterized by feudal presence and by the fragmentation of island territories. Only in 1729, Ischia and Procida returned to the land of Naples. The feudal presence will then be a constant in the history of Ischia and Procida until 1729, when he returned to the land of Naples. In the modern era, and in particular the Unit of Italy today (a proposed celebrates the 150th anniversary of national unity!), The population of Ischia has growined more than the double from about 20,000 to more than 60,000 inhabitants . Population growth is explained by the economic growth that  depended  on the development of tourism economy, the growth of local tertiary, the spread of local and foreign who have contributed to the welfare of the population. Among other things, the increase of the population is also depended upon the phenomenon of second homes, which consists in rental or vacation property.

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