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As Ischia, also Procida origins date back to Greek  period. On the isle of Vivara, in fact, there have been discovered archaeological ruins dated from the fifteenth to the  fourteenth centuries. B.C.wich  testifying  the Mycenaean presence. For many years, the island was considered as "Appendix insular"  of the land of the Phlegraean Fields and the main Roman settlement of Baia, Pozzuoli and Cumae. During the Middle Ages, however, Procida begins to assert itself and to be recognized for its individuality: examples are the feudal presence, the fortification of the village located on the north-eastern end (the Terra Murata) and the construction of the massive castle which will subsequently be used as security prison. In the last century, the population of Procida did not record significant changes and stands at approx. 11,000 inhabitants. This is in fact depended on a number of causes including proximity to the mainland (less than 3 miles from Cape Miseno), the lack of space and the least impact on the tourism industry ... The main economic resource of Procida has traditionally been maritime activity that allowed the male inhabitants to leave the island temporarily without losing touch with their roots. In recent years, however, the island turns increasingly to tourism and the activities related to it, as the current generations are increasingly reluctant to maritime employment. It is building the hotel  presence here as well as in Ischia, there is the phenomenon of second homes, or homes for rent or for sale for the holiday months in Procida.

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